Candle Holders Ideas

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Candles have become a very popular, very trendy item. They have come a long way from the necessary source of light they were in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. They are now beautiful and colorful, and there is probably not a shape or size you can conjour up in your mind that you cannot fit a candle into! Along with this hot (please excuse the pun), sassy decor come candle holders, the necessary, but fun props that are not only functional in keeping your table top cool and protected, but can also compliment the theme of any room they grace in the most eclectic ways.

There are some very interesting stories depicting the history of candle holders. During the time when candles were necessary for the light they produced, the holder was considered a prized possession. It was also used to hold a candle that was being used to tell time. One story told about a spiral shaped metal being used to hold a long, tapered candle which would be lit when a young girl’s boyfriend would come to visit her home. When the candle burned down, it was the sign that it was time for the boyfriend to leave.

Candle holders can be made of almost any material these days, and they can sit on any surface or hang from a ceiling or wall. They can be made of clear or frosted glass, iron or pewter, wood, or even paper over glass. An unusual material used to make these items is rock salt, and they are made by a company in Pakistan call Himalayan Rock Salt. Another “out-of-the-box” type of material that has been used in manufacturing candle holders is black slate.

The most common material used in the manufacture of these items today is iron. Candle holders can still be made by hand or by hammered iron. There are still those artisans who place the iron in fire, heat it up, and then hammer it into the desired shape. Iron is very durable and used often in manufacturing these items. But they can also be made of brass, bronze, sterling silver, and steel. They can be covered with crystals, beaded chains, and even jewelry. The size of the holder depends upon the size of the candle placed within it. Some are large enough to hold a candle that will light a whole room. Others are small enough to hold one tapered candle.

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