Wall Decorating Trends

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In a time where so many interior design decisions are dependent on popular trends, it’s no surprise that a common inquiry is what the current wall decorating trends are.  Wall decoration ideas are vast, extensive, and intimidating.

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I will provide a few of the most popular wall decorating trends and hopefully this will encourage you to begin this exciting process.  One overlooked wall decoration is a vinyl decal.  The variety in these stick-on art pieces is commendable.  Not to mention, these little room brighteners can be found priced at $10 or less.  Another popular trend that is sweeping the market is the utilization of wallpaper.  This is not referring to the outdated repeating shape wallpapers.  It is very popular to transform an entire wall into a backdrop, depicting the whole space to a scene.  Again, the beauty here lies in the freedom of choice.  There is almost no way to mess this up.

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Depending on whether you display a scene from a busy city or a quiet barn the wallpaper will dominate the theme of the room and grants you the liberty to work with it as creatively as you can.  One of the most interesting wall decorating trends is one that you are probably already half way towards completing.  It involves the use of empty picture frames as decorations.  Find and collect a large assortment of bold, large, small and thin frames of different shapes and plant them, unsymmetrically across a blank wall.  This seems too good to be true, however this tip is bound to impress.

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