Casual Country Dining Room Style

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Casual Country Dining Room

Whether you want to start your day with a comforting, delicious brunch that includes your whole family, or you prefer to end your day with everyone at the dining room table, sharing stories and exchanging jokes, then a casual and comfortable country-style dining room is the perfect choice for your home. Paint your walls in warm, inviting colors like salmon, mustard, or burnt sienna, evoking sunsets and toasty nights by the fire. This instantly brings a down-home, hearth-like atmosphere to your dining room, where people will love to gather and eat together, no matter what time of day it is.

Complement Country Style with a Rustic Table 

Nothing says, “Come on in, everyone’s welcome!” like a large dining table to bring everybody together. At Chest of Drawers, you can get dining tables in all sorts of shades and type of wood that would perfectly accent the bucolic, familiar, nostalgic look you’re going for.

Adorn your large table with plenty of fresh green plants, homemade decorations, and garlands to evoke a farm-like environment that really summons images of down South or out West. You can also have dainty tablecloths or embroidered placemats on hand to pass out at every place setting, adding a homey, handmade touch. Keep the lighting warm and not too harsh or bright to really complete the easy-going nature of the room. Have plenty of place settings all around the table with comfortable wooden chairs that allow you to lay back, chat, sip wine, eat delicious comfort food, and create lasting memories with whoever may come to visit. Fresh sunflowers create a distinct Midwestern feel, and vibrantly-colored still lifes or pastoral portraits add a unique touch of their own. What about pairing gingham drapes or delicate floral curtains with the warm wall tones you’ve chosen? It would be absolutely ideal if your dining room opened up to a sliding glass door that showed an excellent view of the backyard, patio, or deck that lies right outside, allowing nature to enter your dining room space organically. There are so many wonderful, natural ways to enhance the casual country style of your dining room, and it’s such a universally appealing style to choose. You can’t go wrong with any of these tips, guaranteed to help you succeed.

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