Making Sure Your Furniture Lasts The Hands of Time

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Not other material can beat the quality of wood when it comes to furniture!  Why when it comes to any other material is it unbeatable?  Maybe it is because of its endurance.  Or maybe it is the way that it is easily cut and carved bringing every piece of furniture alive.  Or perhaps it is due to the sheer beauty and glow when you look at the finished article.

When looking for furniture you will find there is lots of materials to choose from.  There is plastic, plywood and glass to name a few.  However none of these materials have stood the test of time and have not proved themselves as being a good alternative to solid wood.  It goes without saying that wood has a lot of history.  High quality solid wood pieces were created back in their day some hundreds of years ago and we still see them now looking as good as new in antiques shop.  I don’t think we can say the same about plastic, glass and plywood furniture.

Solid wood takes a step back due to the introduction of new materials

Due to the development of corrosion-proof materials including plastics, wood unfortunately no longer became the cool material to have in the modern home.  But each of these materials always only get the limelight for a short period of time as wood will always be the supreme material of choice.

What makes solid wood furniture so popular with homes around Britain?

Wood has something unique about it that no other material has.  It has an added warmth to it which you can feel.  There is certainly no substitute for the feel of the grain along your fingers and the warmth of solid wood.  Solid wood certainly has the special ingredient that no other synthetic material can match.

The weight of solid wood will give you an idea that is a substantial piece of furniture in your home.  No synthetic material can look or even smell the same as a freshly waxed walnut dining table or a chair that has been deeply polished with results in a deep shine that goes right into the wood.  As much as synthetic materials try to achieve this same look not one will give you the same high quality appearance as solid wood.

Homes around Britain are seeing a major difference between solid wood furniture and furniture that has been made from cheaper materials.  These alternative materials simply don’t have the endurance and strength that solid wood has.

A table made out of stainless steel or other material will be strong but they do not have the same appeal.  Overtime many of these materials will rust and no longer look the same.  Wood does not contain oxidize that metals do so therefore will not rust.  Stainless steel is an exception in that it will retain its shine but only a small number of people would want to furnish the whole of their dining room in this material.

Wood is therefore the number one choice for millions of homes.

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