Oak Chest of Drawers Ideas

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A good, well-built set of drawers will last for many years, and look great in most of the rooms in your house.  There are lots of different types of drawers to choose from in all kinds of styles and materials so you will be able to find exactly the right set for the space you have available. A set of drawers in the right location can be the ideal place to store toys, spare cloths and other odds and ends, which will reduce clutter and give you a more relaxing home

Bedroom drawers

A set of drawers in your bedroom will generally be used for storing clothes, although you could also use a small set as a night stand. An oak set or drawers will be a solid piece of furniture, and will stand up to being stuffed full which can be the downfall of less well constructed drawers; the bottoms fall out as they are filled with more clothes or heavier items that they are able to stand.  Oak is a fairly neutral material that will go with everything so you can add oak furniture to a room without having to change the existing décor too much. It is also a classic choice of style and will look fresh for many years; you can just swap the knobs or handles to update the look

Paint your Oak

If you have oak furniture that you want to update, there isn’t any need to throw it away, just add a coat of paint for a new look. Oak furniture is sturdy and generally well built if you did not scrimp on the initial purpose, so throwing them away is a waste. There are all kinds of paints and stencils to update your wooden furniture; make sure you prepare it well by rubbing down with sandpaper to remove any varnish so that your new color will stick. Try using a vintage white for a distressed look, or stenciling patterns either on to the bare wood or onto a base coat. You can update the whole room with matching accessories and soft furnishings for a really low budget.

New sets of drawers are worth spending a little more on initially, this way you will have a quality item that won’t fall apart easily and you can update a good oak set of drawers really easily over and over as your tastes and fashions change

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