The Basketwork Wooden Lantern

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The Basketwork Wooden Lantern

Trying to find the perfect accessory for your home is sometimes a difficult task, especially if you do not know where to look.  Like most people, you probably have a vision of what you want the interior or exterior of your home or office to look.  Unfortunately, your vision is not always synched up with what is available on the market.  Luckily, the Basketwork Wooden Lantern has arrived; and with not a minute to spare.

Main Features

This exquisite piece of artful decor can be easily transitioned between indoor and outdoor.  It has a cast-iron and antiqued look, while being made out of high-quality treated wood.  To keep a votive or tea light harmless, it also features a glass pillar inside that protects the integrity of the lantern.  You don’t have to worry about breezes wreaking havoc on your day with this timeless piece.

Extra Features

You can take this lantern anywhere.  It has a unique shape – something of an uprising oval – while still being able to sit flat on its bottom no matter where you place it.  It features a convenient handle so that you can take it with you anywhere easily.  Use it to light your room, your backyard, or your path while you meander through nature.  This lantern is perfect for all of that.

How to Incorporate it into your Existing Decor

Although this lantern looks rustic, it is very sturdy and well-made.  You can easily place it on the mantle of your fire place, or use it as a centerpiece for your dining room table.  Arrange it on a windowsill for a luminescent look, or even hang it from a hook near a doorway.  There are endless possibilities that can be extended as far as your imagination.  Let your creativity run wild and you will be able to develop a peaceful and tasteful atmosphere.  Knowing where to find the best decorative pieces is half the battle.

Finding the Finest Lanterns

You do not have to search high and low to discover decorations that work well with your existing scheme.  The best designers use versatile pieces that have unique properties to bring visual appeal to a space.  To get more information on the Basketwork Wooden Lantern, simply click here.  You can order your own or look more closely at the structure of the lantern itself but whatever you do, you better make it fast.

Image Basketwork Wooden Lantern

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