Accents Home Rustic Country Kitchen Decor


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Change is the order of the world , people like to experiment with everything, right from their clothes and cars to their home and its interiors. Many like to alter the look of their home interiors from one season to another. The décor of your home can be changed depending on the availability of resources and the scope of your budget. While most interior decoration might require you to purchase new accessories and accents, a rustic country look may be achieved by simply using stored items lying around the house.

Originating somewhere around the late 19th and early 20th century, the rustic country look derives inspiration from the French, Swedish and English styles. Termed as rickety by many, a simple yet coarse, incomplete yet stylish look would summarize this style.

The rustic country look adds a novel touch to a home, especially when it comes to the kitchen decor. This style of interior design involves the use of a lot of woodwork and natural materials, and makes use of neutral colors like white and its variations like bone white and off white, which has a tinge of light brown. Earthy tones of red, green brown and blue are also commonly used.

To make it more visually appealing, the rustic country look uses a variety of colors, wood, textures and materials. A combination of woods can give a distinctive country feel to a home. In addition, rustic country accent items are available at different shops across the country. Accents like copper and hand-painted pottery, bistro chairs, metal rust-finish wall hangings, kitchen fittings and even sinks can be utilized to stylize your home according to the rustic look. Small rustic accents like ornamental plants such as the evergreen shrubs can also be placed on windowsills, over the refrigerator or in center of the dining table. Earthen and stoneware pots and glass jars can be stacked into the wooden storage cabinets. These cabinets should be polished from time to time, to keep the shine intact.

Modern day dining tables have artificial wooden tops but using authentic wooden furniture like classic oak wood tables would further accentuate the rustic country look. To compliment the entire appeal of the country kitchen decor, it is best to have napkins, curtains and table cloths of similar themes with floral motifs or dusky colors.

Light plays a major role in highlighting the unique look of a rustic country kitchen. The light fittings and color of the light should give a mellow and toned down ambience to the kitchen. Bright lights would spoil the look and take away all the charm. When considering the interiors, the flooring cannot be overlooked. Stone and wooden finish floors are easy to maintain by waxing or polishing. Rugs and used old carpets could also be used to fill up empty spaces. Rustic country kitchen decor accents can be custom made or bought at various furniture stores. This option of interior decoration can be made even more affordable by using items lying around the house or picking up some low priced souvenirs at a local flea market. In today’s world of modular kitchens with paneled cabinets, a rustic country kitchen has a unique appeal and is sure to attract appreciation with its simple yet beautiful home accents.

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