How To Install And Maintenance Carpet Tiles

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Sometimes, practicing the same age-old way of laying tiles or carpet as flooring does get quite monotonous. With a little bit of innovation, laying carpet tiles instead, can lend a brand new look to your home. The only thing that differentiates a carpet tile from a normal tile is the design and the variety of colors. One could experiment by using two or more colors, to make an abstract design. Versatile in use, carpet tiles can also be custom made, taking the length and width of the given room into consideration.


Also called modular tiles, carpet tiles come in small pieces of about 18” square. There are two types of carpet tiles available, comfort plus and hardback. Comfort plus carpet tiles are cushioned and best for home use. Hardback tiles are durable and are best suited for industrial sites, where heavy machines are moved around over them.


You can either do-it-yourself or hire a professional contractor. Installing carpet tiles is easier than installing a broadloom carpet.

A system called the GRID system is used to install carpet tiles. While installing carpet tiles a few simple steps have to be followed in order to match the position of the tiles and design.


Clean the floor and ensure that it is dry.

Chalk out the flooring area to be worked upon

With a paint roller, apply the sensitive glue and leave it to dry (maybe overnight)

When putting a tile down, first test the dryness of the glue

Start placing tiles along the chalked out area (the arrows on the back of the tiles should all be pointing in the same direction)

Use water to moisten the floor if the glue gets too stiff


When a tile is soiled or torn because of some accident it can be easily replaced.

Even though vacuuming is enough, scrubbing and mopping is suggested in order to keep the tiles disinfected.

Avoid pouring boiling hot water and placing hot machines or vessels on the tiles.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Most carpet tiles have an anti-bacterial treatment. Luckily, removing worn carpets tiles compared to the broadloom carpets is an easier task, as the tiles are not heavy and only the damaged ones need be changed. Being inexpensive, it is convenient to stock up on spare tiles for use in future. Unlike broadloom, carpets tiles are lighter, and easy to move around the house when installing. Besides being comfortable to walk upon, carpet tiles reduce the noise level, as the sound is dampened by the soft surface.

Designing a new look for you floor has never been easier. Carpet tiles offer the liberty to change the design as and when one wants.

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