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You don’t have to spend a ton of money on designer lighting to get beautiful ambience in your home. In fact, with a few trinkets and baubles that you may already have lying around your home, you can create some pretty amazing lighting solutions for parties, dinners, or just relaxing on the sofa with a book.

If you have any decorative glass bowls around, instead of using them as snack dishes at your next party, use a plainer dish for the food, and create a beautiful lighting setup with your decorative bowls. With some water, food coloring, and floating candles, you can create a beautiful atmosphere for your next soiree.

The food coloring is actually optional with this crafty lighting idea. Fill the bowl halfway to two-thirds full. Get some floating candles, light them, and put them in the water. If your bowl is tinted or has crystalline designs cut into it, the light from the candles will reflect and refract, causing all kinds of beautiful dancing shapes around the bowl. Play with food coloring in the water, if you like, to add color to your dancing lights.

Start saving interesting looking bottles of wine. If the bottle has a beautiful label, leave it. If not, you can soak the bottle in hot, soapy water to remove the label and the underlying glue. So why are you saving wine bottles? They make fantastic candlestick holders, that’s why!

You may need to shave and reshape the bottom of your candles for this, as some end up being a bit too wide for the mouths of wine bottles. We recommend a fairly long candle for this purpose, as you’ll want to let it burn for a while before you set it out in front of company. The more the candles on these bottle holders burn, the more wax rolls down on to the bottle, creating a beautiful, bohemian look. When the candle finally burns down all the way, just remove it from the bottle and replace it with another. For added fun, alternate colors of candles so that you get a rainbow of wax rivulets down the neck of the bottle.

Get creative with your candles. If you like so many of us have a collection of odd earrings whose twins you’ve long since lost, you can repurpose them into décor. Put a plain white candle into a wine glass or vase as a repurposed holder. Use a lighter to heat up the side of the candle. Now, press your old earring into the softened wax and let it cool. You now have a beautiful centerpiece for your table.

Inexpensive Unique and Beautiful Lighting Options Image

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