Choosing Square Dinner Plates What You Need to Know

Choosing Square Dinner Plates What You Need to Know Image 1

A lot of dinnerware sets today are sold with square dinner plates, which is a testament to their growing popularity. But whether you are buying a set of square plates or a dinnerware set, you need to keep a few things in mind, and contrary to what some people think, it isn’t all about the price.

Damage Resistance

Ask yourself first how often the plates will be used. Will it be on a daily basis or for special occasions only? Plates and dinnerware used regularly will be subject to fractures, cracks and chips, so for everyday plates, the damage resistance will be crucial.

The most resistant ceramic is porcelain, and bone china is also very strong. Other durable materials are faience, majolica, cream ware, ironstone semi porcelain and stoneware. If you plan on using the plate in a dishwasher or microwave, make sure the plate is designed for that otherwise it will shatter under the pressure. If you are looking for an all purpose dining plate, the best option would be plain white, as they don’t fade or discolour in a dishwasher, affordable and go well with other dinner items.

Choosing Colours and Patterns

If you want colourful square plates get some with a one or two colour pattern so it will be easier to coordinate with other items on your dinner table, plus they are not as inexpensive compared to those with several colours and metal ornaments. If you already own colourful square plates, use them only for informal gatherings, while for special occasions and parties, bring square faience or majolica plates, but use them only occasionally as they are very delicate and will break easily.

Square Plates for Formal Occasions

The best square plates for these occasions are platinum, silver or gold, as they invoke a classy and luxurious ambience, although these usually have to be hand washed. The most elegant pattern for these plates consists of a solid colour border in gold or cobalt blue. If you are looking for more vibrant colours then try some plates with black and red colours or a combination of gold, grey and black.

If you are going to buy square plates, consider getting those that correspond with seasons and holidays, for example red and green for Christmas, green for St. Patrick’s Day, red and pink for Valentine’s Day and so on. By having a set of themed square plates, it will be easier to decorate your table, and you don’t need to add any other costly table items during special occasions.

Everyone has their own idea of what the best patterns are, so it is a good idea to incorporate your table theme and find one that suits your style. Generally speaking, patterns for square dinner plates will be modern, classic or romantic. Romantic patterns are especially popular as they depict fruits, flowers and shells, while classic styles are drawn from the rococo and neoclassic designs. Modern square plates meanwhile, consist of geometric designs and lines link.

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